Perspectives: A Publication of the early Childhood Music and Movement Association

Perspectives: A Publication of the early Childhood Music and Movement Association

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Journal of the Early Childhood Music & Movement Association, established to provide a network of communication, encourage teacher development, and advocate education of parents, classroom teachers and administrators.


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    Author Angela Barker



    Suzanne Burton, Ph.D
    Former Perspectives Editor 

    Angela Barker, Ph.D
    Perspectives Editor -

    Dear Perspectives Readers,

    As you read this issue of Perspectives, you will, no doubt, see the beauty of the transition from the printed page to this elegant electronic issue. The online issue, produced through the diligent and hard work of Rick Townsend, Jeremiah and Esther Calvino, Karen Greer, Jan Vidruk, Jan Boner and her editorial team, as well as the ECMMA Board, realizes possibilities unimagined through a print-only periodical. Perspectives is now more accessible than ever! This is great news for ECMMA as the importance of early childhood music and movement and its scholarship and practical applications may now be broadcast the world over.

    As Perspectives has transitioned to an online periodical, I, too, have experienced professional transition. Due to my involvement in a number of projects relating to early childhood music and higher education, this issue will be my last contribution to Perspectives as editor. I have greatly enjoyed working with everyone who has been involved in some way with making each issue of Perspectives happen, from the fine writers, the editorial committee and the excellent team of proof readers, to ECMMA Administrator, Torie Stratton.

    With a fond farewell, I leave the position of editor in the excellent hands of Angela Barker, the newly appointed editor of Perspectives. This issue, largely a result of Angela’s work, is a testament of things to come. Under her leadership, I am certain that Perspectives will continue to be the primary resource for the scholarship of our profession. Please be sure to give Angela a warm welcome.

    Suzanne Burton, Ph.D.
    Former Editor


    Dear Perspectives Readers,

    Yet another year is underway and bringing with it new opportunities for professional growth and activity. In this issue of Perspectives, our writers focus on the topic of professional development for educators in early childhood music and movement, offering varied viewpoints of its importance and relevance to all of us who value the role of music in children’s lives. In one of our feature articles, Dr. Cynthia Taggart offers sound advice and helpful suggestions on seeking out events and activities that support, broaden, and perpetuate educators’ professional growth at the national level. Julie Goodro also contributes to the professional development focus by looking at the rationale behind pursuing training opportunities at the local level and how ECMMA’s certification program can serve as an umbrella for meeting early childhood professionals’ educational needs. Another featured author, Mary Ellen Pinzino, describes a model for online professional development that was used to help a group of Head Start teachers incorporate music learning into their teaching.

    Also included in this issue, Jan Boner provides an informative look at the history of ECMMA’s publications and reflects on Perspectives’ continuing development through the tireless efforts of many dedicated, behind-the-scenes people. With its recent transition to an online publication, Perspectives can offer now a wider range of resources to early childhood researchers, practitioners, and parents; and, as we move toward utilizing a peer-review process, Perspectives is positioning itself to become a scholarly resource in early childhood education.

    As editor, I look forward to working with ECMMA members and the Board in furthering Perspectives’ progress as a valuable and enduring asset in the early childhood community. Also, during this time of change, I want to say a special word of thanks to Suzanne Burton, Jan Boner, Torie Stratton, and Karen Greer for their encouragement and valuable support.

    Angela Barker, Ph.D.
    Editor, ECMMA Perspectives

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