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    Author Angela Barker


    Degotardia, S., & Sweller, N. (2011). Mind-mindedness in infant child-care: Associations with early childhood practitioner sensitivity and stimulation. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 27(2), 253–265. Retrieved October 14, 2013.doi:10.1016/j.ecresq.2011.09.002

    Mind-mindedness is “the tendency of adults to ascribe mental states and processes when describing and interpreting children’s behavior” (Abstract). While mind-mindedness has been well documented in home environments, its presence and impact on infants in settings outside of the home (i.e., day care environments) has not been explored. The researchers’ goals for the study were

    to explore the prevalence of the mind-mindedness of infant child-care practitioners, to assess the relationships between the two indices of mind-mindedness, and to explore relationships between practitioner mind-mindedness, practitioner qualifications, and levels of sensitivity and stimulation during practitioner–infant play interactions. (260)

    Previous research has shown critical connections between maternal mind-mindedness…

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