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    Author Angela Barker

    Gerson, S. A., Schiavio, A., Timmers, R., & Hunnius, S. (2015). Active drumming experience increases infants’ sensitivity to audiovisual synchrony during observed drumming actions. PLoS ONE, 10(6): e0130960. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0130960

    In this report, Gerson, et al designed two experiments to examine “when and how…infants gain sensitivity to synchrony between visual and auditory modalities” (¶1). They argued that

    musical contexts provide rich opportunities to investigate [multisensory sensitivity in human development], as they consist of an intrinsic interplay between action, multimodal activities, and cognition [23–25]. The present study thus helps to forge the link between research on musical development, sensitivity to multisensory synchrony, and perception-action coupling in infancy. Given this background, our aim is to investigate the role of active experience (i.e., motor experience with an action that results in audiovisual effects) on sensitivity to multisensory synchrony (or violations of synchrony) in infants in a musical context. (¶4)

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