Perspectives: A Publication of the early Childhood Music and Movement Association

Perspectives: A Publication of the early Childhood Music and Movement Association

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Journal of the Early Childhood Music & Movement Association, established to provide a network of communication, encourage teacher development, and advocate education of parents, classroom teachers and administrators.


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    Author Angela Barker

    Many of us hold vivid memories of our pre-service teaching days—beginning our work with young children and witnessing for the first time the joy and exuberance with which they play or engage in a favorite activity, and marveling at how quickly they seem to absorb new ideas and experiences. In her article, “‘It is Something I Can't Imagine My Life Without’: Learning About Children, Their Music, and Teaching,” Dr. Lisa Gruenhagen (Bowling Green State University) follows the reflections of a pre-service music teacher throughout a course of training and field experiences, and examines what the student gleaned from these experiences about young children’s capacity to learn, create, and make music. 

    Dr. Kerry Filsinger’s (SUNY Buffalo State) article, “Encouraging Caregiver Music Development: Strategies from the Field,” explores the key role that early childhood music educators can have in helping caregivers develop the appropriate music skills needed to facilitate constructive music interactions with young children. Drawing on the expertise of several early childhood music educators/researchers, Dr. Filsinger provides a unique compilation of recommendations, suggestions, and practices useful for guiding parents and caregivers to focus on young children’s music development.

    Also in this issue, we offer a fond remembrance of Dr. Sally Monsour, a well-known and widely respected music educator who helped shape the landscape of music education in the US and internationally. Dr. Monsour’s influence and expertise were far reaching and spanned from music teaching and learning in early childhood music education to developing materials for incorporating multicultural music making experiences in the music classroom.

    Angela Barker, PhD

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