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Perspectives: A Publication of the early Childhood Music and Movement Association

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Journal of the Early Childhood Music & Movement Association, established to provide a network of communication, encourage teacher development, and advocate education of parents, classroom teachers and administrators.


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    Author Angela Barker


    In this issue of Perspectives, we are excited to feature two articles exploring ways through which movement and active music participation connect with children’s literacy development. As early childhood music and movement educators, we recognize that we teach the whole child and, though our credentials may specify a particular area of expertise, we acknowledge our responsibility to help children experience the curricular and everyday connections that music and movement share with other areas of knowledge and skill development.

    In their article, “Read Aloud, Sing Along, and Move Around: Musically Motivating Children with Books,” Dr. Karyn Tunks and Dr. Rebecca Giles offer an overview of research supporting the integration of music, movement, and children’s literature. In addition, they provide an annotated bibliography of picture books for music and movement, which also includes designations for the integrative elements inherent in each book.

    Amanda Page Smith, Director of Children’s Musicat The Brick Presbyterian Church and The Brick Church School in Manhattan, New York, reveals creative ways to draw out phonemic awareness experiences from familiar children’s songs. She also provides links to online video examples of her classes engaged in select activities mentioned in her article, “Musical Activities to Promote Phonemic Awareness.”

    Continuing her series, “Lessons from a Dance Studio,” Julie Goodro shares her experiences as a music teacher in a fine arts preschool. Her story is an enlightening reminder that as specialty-area educators we need not work in a vacuum, but can enrich our own teaching and instruction through collaboration with our colleagues and by keeping an open mind.

    Dr. Diana Dansereau reviews an article by Dr. Lisa H. Koops, “Music Play Zone II: Deepening Parental Empowerment as Music Guides for their Young Children,” which describes how a social networking site designed for parents of children involved in early childhood music classes, helped them assume a more active role in their children’s musical activities and development. For this issue’s book review, Jan Boner surveys Carolynn Lindeman’s book, Musical Children: Engaging Children in Music Experiences, bringing to light a bounty of instructional resources, music and movement activities, and music-based lesson plans suitable in general music classrooms.

    Perhaps you’ve thought of submitting an article for publication in Perspectives or of writing a column for Notable Notes but put it off because you’re not sure of the requirements or to whom you should send your manuscript. You can now find our submission guidelines online in the Table of Contents section on the Perspectives web page ( as well as in the print copy of each issue. Your professional contribution to Perspectives – perhaps a report of new research in early childhood music and movement, a research-based discussion of innovative ideas or best practices–may be just the boost someone needs to improve his/her classroom practice, explore new avenues of research, or begin training as an early childhood music and movement educator. If you have questions or would like more information about writing for Perspectives, feel free to contact me at

    Angela Barker, PhD
    Editor, Perspectives

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