Perspectives: A Publication of the early Childhood Music and Movement Association

Perspectives: A Publication of the early Childhood Music and Movement Association

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Journal of the Early Childhood Music & Movement Association, established to provide a network of communication, encourage teacher development, and advocate education of parents, classroom teachers and administrators.


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    Author Angela Barker


    Welcome to the 2010 summer issue of ECMMA’s Perspectives!  In this issue, we embark on a journey into neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) to witness the amazing work performed by specially trained music therapists to help premature babies reach developmental milestones through the power of music. 

    Drs. Jayne Standley and Darcy Walworth, both professors and researchers in music therapy at Florida State University, are contributing articles that describe their groundbreaking research with neonates.  The FSU music therapy department offers a unique clinical training program that certifies music therapists to work in NICUs. 

    Danielle Shelton, a recent graduate of the FSU music therapy program and a certified NICU-MT, shares the details and outcomes of her research project involving a select group of new mothers and their infants. 

    Atlanta-area music therapist Jan Boner, who attended and completed the NICU training offered by FSU and the National Institute for Infant & Child Medical Music Therapy, gives a first-hand account of her experiences in the NICU at Orlando’s Florida Hospital.  In this issue’s research review, Dr. Joyce Jordan-DeCarbo reviews a study that investigated the effects of developmental music groups on parental responsiveness and the social development of infants.  Finally, be sure to check out Jessy Rushing’s book review of the much-anticipated second edition of Music Therapy with Premature Infants: Research and Developmental Interventions.

    Angela Barker, PhD

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