Perspectives: A Publication of the early Childhood Music and Movement Association

Perspectives: A Publication of the early Childhood Music and Movement Association

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Journal of the Early Childhood Music & Movement Association, established to provide a network of communication, encourage teacher development, and advocate education of parents, classroom teachers and administrators.


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  • Editor’s Letter

    Author Beatriz Ilari

    Four years ago, I received an invitation to serve as the incoming editor of Perspectives. The invitation came at a time when I had just finished my term as editor for another journal (and promised myself that I would take a break from editing), and had a new baby at home. Although my first reaction was to decline the invitation, I had a gut feeling that this would be a great experience. And I was not wrong. Fast forward to 2018, and here I am, editing the final issue of Perspective, before it turns into the International Journal of Music in Early Childhood. As you know, this is a big deal for Perspectives, for ECMMA, and for the field of early childhood music education. Diana Dansereau, the ECMMA Director of Publications, has written a beautiful introduction to the new journal, so I will not spend much time talking about it. Instead, what I want to do in this letter is to express how much I enjoyed my time as editor of Perspectives. Among other things, as editor I was tasked with finding potential contributors and contributions for the journal. In this process, I have met many wonderful people who, like you and me, care deeply about music, music education and young children. These encounters have given me a lot of hope, particularly in times of so much uncertainty worldwide. I am truly grateful for them.

    My gratitude is extended to many other people. For starters, I would like to thank everyone who has been involved with Perspectives during my time as editor.Thank you to the authors, reviewers, and proofreaders, for their dedication and great energy. Thank you, Angela Barker, Judith Sullivan and Diana Dansereau, for your beautiful columns. Thank you, Amy Barrett, for being such a wonderful (and patient) designer. Thank you, Torie Stratton, Heath Benedum, Heather Waters, and the entire ECMMA board of directors for your unfailing support at different stages in the editing and publishing of the journal.

    I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this issue, which illustrates some of the richness and diversity of our ever-expanding field of early childhood music education. From professional development and Korean nursery rhymes to the description of participation of foster care babies in a music program and the Research within Reach column, there is much to explore in the works presented here.

    I end this letter wishing all the best to Diana Dansereau, the new editor of the International Journal of Music in Early Childhood. And as always, I urge you to consider submitting your best efforts to the new journal. Thank YOU, for supporting Perspectives, ECMMA and our field.

    Beatriz Ilari

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