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Perspectives: A Publication of the early Childhood Music and Movement Association

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Journal of the Early Childhood Music & Movement Association, established to provide a network of communication, encourage teacher development, and advocate education of parents, classroom teachers and administrators.


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    Author Beatriz Ilari

    Welcome to Perspectives! This issue is devoted to musical repertoires. In the first featured article, ethnomusicologist and educator Pinkie Gomolemo Mojaki shares children’s songs from Botswana. This article is followed by a comprehensive review of the literature on children’s vocalizations from a sociocultural perspective that was written by music educator Karen Howard. Next, music educator Rosane Cardoso de Araújo and Silvana Scarinci, a musicologist and specialist in early music, describe a community engagement project in which university students presented an opera to elementary school children in Brazil. Taken together, these articles show how musical repertoires afford different insights into the multiple functions of music in young children’s lives.

    The variety of musical repertoires that exist in the lives of young children can also be seen in the other works featured in this issue. In Notable Notes, music educator and pianist Hannah Creviston invites us to ponder the importance of silence in early childhood music education. Diana Dansereau discusses a recent study concerning the functions of toddler’s spontaneous songs, and Angela Barker reviews two studies on music synchronization during the first year of life. Reading these works only reinforced my belief in musical repertoires as powerful tools not only for teaching, but also for learning from and about children.

    As the editor of Perspectives, I end this issue by extending an invitation to one and all to submit articles, book reviews, and Notable Notes to our journal. The submission guidelines are available on our homepage. As always, please feel free to contact me at if you would like any additional information about the journal or if you have any questions about the manuscript submission process. I hope that the contents found in this issue motivate you to search for new repertoires to share with the children and families in your surroundings.

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