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Level 1 Certification: Collegiate Path

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LEVEL 1 Certification:  Collegiate Path
An alternative avenue for students currently in school who have access to early childhood music and movement courses in a college setting.

The Early Childhood Music and Movement Association (ECMMA) views teacher certification as a process of continued growth in knowledge concerning music and movement education for young children. It provides a fair, systematic method of teacher recognition; encourages continued participation in conventions, workshops, seminars and other training events; and encourages the growth of professional skills and abilities. Certification also assists teachers in self-evaluation, provides a means for feedback from parents of their classes, and helps assure the general public of teachers’ credentials.

APPLY HERE for NEW Level 1 Certification: Collegiate Path 


Individual Cost for NEW Level 1 Certification: Collegiate Path is $25.00,  U.S. currency.

  1. Current ECMMA Membership.
  2. 30 hours of coursework in early childhood music and/or movement education. See Approved Coursework that meets this requirement.  Keep track of needed documentation i.e., workshop certificates, course transcripts, conference sessions attended, etc. Documents can be uploaded on the Application Form.
  3. 15 hours of fieldwork observations or supervised participation in a structured ECMMA program.  This can be met if you have more than 30 hours from programs/coursework you took to meet option #1, or through observation/participation in an early childhood studio that is taught by a teacher with a minimum of 5 years teaching experience.  If the latter option is chosen, a letter documenting your observation/participation must be submitted by the teacher.
  4. Minimum of 1 year teaching experience (or equivalent) in early childhood music/movement, ages 0-7.   This can be documented through a letter written by a professor, parent in your studio, or an early childhood music and movement colleague.  The letter must be signed in writing by this person.
  5. NOTE:  Applicant must seek institutions that have prequalified a program of coursework/fieldwork with the ECMMA Certification Committee. 


DURATION of Level 1 Certification: Collegiate Path.
The Level 1 certificate is valid for five years. There is no Renewal of the Collegiate Path. Applicant must renew with Level 1 Certification: Standard Path, or move on to Level 2 Certification.

For information, contact the Level 1 chairperson:
Cathy Mathia,  Email: cmathia@emcca.org

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