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Universally-Recognized Evidence of Individual Professional Development

The Early Childhood Music and Movement Association (ECMMA) views teacher certification as a process of continued growth in knowledge concerning music and movement education for young children. It provides a fair, systematic method for teacher recognition, encourages continued participation in conventions, workshops, seminars and other training events; and encourages the growth of professional skills and abilities. Certification also assists teachers in self-evaluation, provides a means for feedback from parents of their classes, and helps assure the general public of teachers’ credentials.

ECMMA offers three levels of certification

LEVEL 1:  Standard Path: INFORMATION
LEVEL 1:  Collegiate Path: INFORMATION


Lianne Brewer – Certification

Lianne Brewer now resides in Laguna Hills, CA, after 32 years in Springfield, IL. She is the owner of The Music Factory, an early childhood music & movement studio in Springfield that serves approximately 400 children with a staff of 7 teachers. She has been teaching Musikgarten at a local community center, but is now moving to Pacific Coast Arts Academy where she will coordinate and teach Musikgarten classes for Babies through Keyboard.

Lianne has a BA in Music from Cal State Univ Los Angeles, a Level I Certificate in Orff Schulwerk, and Level III Certification from ECMMA.

She has served as previous NC representative for ECMMA from 2004-2008, and is currently the Chair for the Certification Committee. In June of 2015, she coordinated the SW Regional Conference. She believes strongly in ECMMA and would like to see the organization reach and empower more early childhood music teachers and preschool/daycare teachers, in order that music and movement can have an impact on all children in their early years. Music is a gift for ALL children!

Lianne and her husband, Greg, have four children (that live all over the world in Austria, Tanzania, Idaho and California) and six grandchildren! Besides being “Nana”, she loves traveling and reading!

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