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February 2017

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Board Notes

From Erika Cincotta (Vice President, Membership):

It dipped below freezing last night for the third night in a row, and as much as I look forward to warmer weather, I try to remind myself to cherish the season--the snow clinging to the trees, the icy ground gleaming in the sunlight, and the ever present front range of the majestic Rocky Mountains in all its winter splendor. Let’s not rush it!

I have been cherishing this season of my life as well, serving as your Vice President of Membership. After the summer convention in Salt Lake City where I was privileged to join a Board of experienced and inspirational professionals, I spent much of the fall getting to know a passionate and dynamic group of ladies around the country who are now serving on the Membership Committee. Each are using their unique experiences and backgrounds to widen their circles and make connections within their communities and regions to share our common passion: early childhood music and movement. Thank you to Gina, Louise, Ellen, Beth, Heidi, Sarah and Amy for all your efforts.

I encourage you to follow their lead in reaching outside the boundaries of early childhood music providers and to share with everyone the importance of our work. Just as you meet young children where they are before guiding them to the next stage of music development, meet others where they are, enter their world, and then invite them into yours so they can discover why you do what you do.

Here’s to a season of wider circles and deeper connections.

Erika Cincotta, Vice President Membership


Donation Honorees

Thank you to all our members and friends who supported our "Who Inspires YOU?" fund drive. Every donation improves our ability to research and share best practices in early childhood music and movement. Here are the names of those honored by your donations:

  • Marge Penhaligon
  • Gene Jarvis
  • Yvonne Reynolds
  • Reginald Gerig
  • Carola Grindea
  • Mary Nero
  • Ellie Smith
  • Mary Beth Hauser
  • Emma Rodriguez Suarez
  • Gina King
  • Joyce Maxner
  • Nancy White
  • The Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia
  • Rhonda Callard
  • Audrey Sillick

The work goes on! Help us to share the spark of creativity, instill confidence and realize dreams by making your tax-deductible gift to ECMMA today, and share the joy!

If you would like to donate in honor of a special mentor and would like their name listed in ECMMA News, please email their name to Anne Smith at asmith@ecmma.org



From Lianne Brewer, ECMMA Certification Chair:

As professionals in the field of early childhood music and movement, it is important to continuing developing your knowledge and skills. ECMMA provides three levels of certification to recognize further training and studies that one may undertake, and also as a means to document to other organizations and parents that one is committed to honing his/her skills. ECMMA is becoming more widely known and valued in early childhood education and through our Certification process, helps provide additional credentials to those who become certified.

There are three levels of Certification: Level 1 Standard and Collegiate Path, Level 2, and Level 3. Attending a basic training in a commercial interest like Musikgarten, Music Together, Kindermusik, Music Rhapsody, the Gordon Institute of Music Learning and other similar organizations is a good way to start the certification process. In addition there are many universities or colleges that now offer dedicated undergrad ECMM coursework and fieldwork.

ECMMA views teacher certification as a process of continued growth in knowledge concerning music and movement education for young children. It provides a fair, systematic method for teacher recognition, encourages continued participation in conventions, workshops, seminars and other training events, and encourages the growth of professional skills and abilities. Certification also assists teachers in self-evaluation, provides a means for feedback from parents of their classes, and helps assure the general public of teachers’ credentials.

Consider beginning your journey towards ECMMA certification today!


From Our Chapters

Greater Washington DC Chapter:

Save the date! On March 19, Paris Kern will present her "Singing Circle" and "The Feldenkrais Method" (Combining intellect and creativity to improve function and movement).

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