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December 2016

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Board Notes

From Jennie Mulqueen, Past President:

On the morning and through the day of November 9, 2016, one personal mandate shone through: I needed to sing. Like a primal survival instinct, the urge took hold at my center and gradually pulsed through my entire being. And so I have been singing - with a renewed purpose and meaning. While my life is moving away from being a full time music teacher towards the ministry, I am blessed to be able to return once again to a deep well of songs and musical experiences that have fortified my life thus far. I am also filled with gratitude for the teachers who have whispered wisdom in my ears, making much of my musical life possible. There have been epic teachers and also colleagues and acquaintances who have shown me episodic light along the journey.

One of the latter is a woman named Gina King, an ECMMA member I recently ran into at the ECMMA Atlanta Convention in 2014. It had been well over a decade since we had known each other, so it took me a few moments to realize it might be her. I had never forgotten Gina because she had shown me examples of inspired early childhood music and movement teaching when I first began teaching Music Together back in 1995 in New York City. Specifically, Gina taught me about artful transitions. She was intelligent, creative, and dedicated and I have held her “brief” teaching example as an inspiration for these (now) twenty years since. Thank you, Gina!

The ECMMA is still taking donations in honor of those who have inspired us and I hope you consider making a donation in honor of a beloved teacher. May we all make moments in these turbulent times to name those who have inspired us, and may we use this inspiration to keep singing, keep singing . . .

Jennie Mulqueen


End-of-Year Giving

Thank you to members who donated during our Fall Fundraiser. Our fundraiser will continue through the winter holidays. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Early Childhood Music and Movement Association and support advocacy, professional development and collaboration for the music educators who make the world a more joyful, vibrant and peaceful place.

If you would like to donate in honor of a special mentor and would like their name listed in ECMMA News, please email their name to Anne Smith at asmith@ecmma.org


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