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Music’s Expanding Boundaries

Andrea Apostoli is Presidente AIGAM (Associazione Italiana Gordon per l'Apprendimento Musicale).
In this capacity, he trains and certifies dozens of Italian teachers each year in early childhood methodologies using Gordon Music Learning Theory concepts. His classes range from teacher preparation coursework, to classes for expectant parents and their preborn children, to regular parented music/movement classes, to professional concerts for parents and their preschool children. Andrea travels to the United States periodically to renew friendships with many of his Gordon Institute of Music Learning (GIML) friends.


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Dear ECMMA members,
I said an enthusiastic "yes!" when I was asked to start a blog on the ECMMA website and I have to say that I am really honored.

First of all because I have really a strong estimation of your Association. Second, (could sound strange), this is the first blog I have in my life and it is not in my language because I am Italian and I write from Italy.

Please forgive me for my written English.
I hope to be able to give interesting inputs in a language that is not mine on themes as Music Learning, Improvisation, Voice, sound and music in the prenatal mother-child relationship, Music and children, Music listening etc.

To end my first post: few lines about who I am.

Born in Rome in 1966
After a course in Orff Schulwerk in Italy and level 2 at St. Thomas University (MN) I met Dr. Edwin E. Gordon in 1998 and that changed my way of teaching and being a musician for the rest of my life.
In 2000 I founded under his advice the Italian Gordon Association for Music Learning (AIGAM) (www.aigam.org).
I am actually working on:

- teaching many courses and seminars in Italy and Germany about Music Learning Theory (Pregnancy, E. Childhood, Elementary General, Improvisation
- Writing music education books and articles
- Editing illustrated books with CD’s for children with Edizioni Curci Milano and GIA Pub. Chicag
- Curating and conducting concerts for pregnant women, children 0 -6 and adults for the National Santa Cecilia Academy at the Rome Auditorium

Thank you
Andrea Apostoli


Jessica Sep 24, 2011

Welcome to the ECMMA community!!  We are thrilled to have you!  You’re doing fine with your writing, and we look forward to reading your insightful thoughts.  I’m a new Gordon “deciple” as well, and the theory is already changing how I teach.  We look forward to future posts.

Marilyn Lowe Sep 24, 2011

So nice to have you as a “blogger,” and I look forward to your future writings. Your English is very good, and your ideas are excellent. Welcome!

Andrea Apostoli Sep 25, 2011

Thank’you so much! Jessica and Marilyn!

Lea Marshall Sep 27, 2011

Andrea!!!!  How wonderful to see your photo and hear from you again!  I’m delighted to know we’ll be hearing your insights!  I finished Elem. II with Gordon this summer in Michigan and spent almost a week with Marilyn Lowe in a piano workshop!  All this training is forcing me to reinvent my teaching, merging Suzuki Violin and Piano and MLT into what I hope will be a formidable combination!  I hope you and your family are well, my friend!!!!

Andrea Apostoli Oct 01, 2011

Dera Lea,
thank you so much!
We are all fine and I hope you too.

See you soon

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