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The non-profit Early Childhood Music & Movement Association (ECMMA) believes appropriate, purposeful music

and movement experiences enhance early childhood development

and seeks to support early childhood music and movement practitioners

by providing resources, advocacy, professional development, and collaboration opportunities.


COLLABORATION:  We are inclusive of all developmentally appropriate methodologies, providing an alliance through which diverse voices can speak as one. We build bridges among organizations devoted to the use of music and movement with young children.

EXCELLENCE/PROFESSIONALISM:  Our professional standards emanate from a solid research base and excellent models that provide opportunities for continuing education and independent certification in early childhood music and movement.

COMPASSION:  We believe that every child deserves to be nurtured within an empathetic learning environment.

EMPOWERMENT:  We seek to empower children, practitioners, and families through our various programs.

APTITUDE:  We believe that all children are musically capable and should be encouraged to be independent, exploratory learners.

SUPPORTIVE:  We provide resources for practitioners to support families and communities through publications, professional development, and personal interactions.

ADVOCACY:  We provide information to music and movement practitioners who can influence families, early childhood professionals, administrators, and legislators to support developmentally appropriate programs for young children.

COMMUNITY:  We seek to provide opportunities for all interested parties to support one another, and to share in the common goals of early childhood music and movement. Our practices are non-discriminatory as we carry out our mission.


In order to support the early childhood music and movement community, ECMMA seeks to

I.    Advocate: Providing advocacy information, and a public platform, to aid in the success of early childhood music and movement initiatives.

II.   Educate:Providing written resources and professional development opportunities for use by all early childhood music and movement professionals.

III. Collaborate:Influencing collaborations and cooperation among the wide-ranging professional organizations with a strong interest in early childhood development and a stake in early childhood music and movement outcomes.

IV. Network: Providing a platform for communication among all early childhood music and movement professionals.  

V.   Support: Providing for members of the organization materials and services that enhance the profession.

VI. Grow: Developing infrastructure and outreach formats that promote organizational growth for the sake of better serving the needs of the early childhood music and movement community.

To contact the Administrative Office, please email adminoffice@ecmma.org

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